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Hotels and restaurants

Construction of wooden hotels. Why is it beneficial?

It's no secret that wooden hotels are popular in mountainous areas. But this is not at all because there is access to raw materials. In fact, in the mountains, it is much better to use wood as a building material. Why is that? Firstly. Frost resistance. Whatever the temperature drops, they will not damage the tree. Secondly, the level of heat loss in wooden hotels is much lower than in brick ones. This is a savings in heating costs. Thirdly, in hotels made of timber, a comfortable temperature is always maintained. There are many more advantages, however, it is clear that a wooden hotel will bring more income to its owner than a brick one. Of course, in the city, a wooden hotel may look strange, even more, it may not be agreed upon when the construction plan is approved. "Stone jungle" must remain stone. However, in the vicinity of large settlements, wood is increasingly used for the construction of hotels and restaurants. And this is the right move. In addition to the above benefits that you get, your guests will, we are sure, enjoy the scent of wood, its warmth. After all, this is what is so lacking in big cities.

Construction of wooden restaurants. Projects of restaurants, cafes made of wood.

We cannot but say that wooden hotels, mini hotels, restaurants, cafes are an effective investment of money. With minimal construction costs, you can earn significant funds. The company "Derevobud" has been engaged in the construction of commercial facilities for many years. With us you can get not only a free consultation, but also projects of hotels, restaurants made of wood. Yes, we do not charge money for this, and this is one of the advantages of working with us. Our well-coordinated team will quickly, reliably, and most importantly, high-quality, will be able to build an object and make it as functional as possible, without missing a single detail. This is in your and our interests.