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Baths and saunas

Projects of wooden baths and saunas from a bar free of charge.

The promotion of a healthy lifestyle has also influenced the construction industry. Now clients order not only the construction of a wooden house, a hotel, but also a sauna or bath for them. This is a kind of “must have”, if the territory allows. Naturally, a natural material such as wood is best suited for such objects. After all, it is he who can withstand sharp and constant changes in temperature, tolerates high humidity well, and retains heat. The advantages include the fact that there is no need to carry out any internal work, paint the walls. The structure of the tree becomes an interior decoration. The company "Derevobud" has been building wooden baths for a long time. That is why, on our website you can find projects of baths and saunas for free. All of them were implemented by us, and reliably serve their owners. We, also, are engaged in the individual development of projects, or we can implement your personal project of a bath from a bar. As you wish.

Manufacturing of turnkey wooden baths and saunas.

Moreover, we manufacture turnkey saunas and saunas only from environmentally friendly wood brought from the Carpathians. After a thorough discussion of all the details of the construction, your participation is minimized. When the work is done, you can easily go to steam right away. Still wondering if you need a sauna at home? Of course you do. Taking care of a wooden bath is not difficult, and there are many benefits to your health. Plus, you always have somewhere to invite your friends. You will not have to figure out where to celebrate your birthday, new year and other holidays. The sauna is an ideal place for families as well. In winter, you will especially feel the benefits of a wooden sauna. For those who go in for sports, the sauna is an excellent option to relax and restore muscles. The company "Derevobud" will quickly and efficiently build a wooden bath or a turnkey sauna.