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The company "Derevobud" is a team of professionals that specializes in the construction of wooden houses from a bar both in Ukraine and abroad.


Why Choose Us?


First, the quality. We are very scrupulous about all stages of construction, from the procurement of raw materials to the construction of a wooden box. Our homes will serve your family for generations. Secondly, availability. So, wooden houses are available to everyone. We are debunking the stereotype of the high cost of building a wooden house. Moreover, a wooden house is cheaper than a brick one. Don't believe me? Then call us, we will convince you. And thirdly, professionalism. We have been building wooden houses for over 15 years. Our experience and professionalism grows thanks to your trust.




You've probably heard the proverb: "My home, my fortress." The latter was always built of stone to withstand the attacks of enemies. Today, a wooden house can become your fortress. Modern technologies of wood processing allow to make wood strong and reliable. In addition, wooden houses have a number of other advantages:


1. Keeping warm. The level of heat loss of the wall of a wooden house is much lower than in a brick one.
2. Frost resistance. The tree can withstand significant temperature changes without damaging the home.
3. Resistance to the elements.
4. Savings on the foundation. The lightness of the structure of the beams allows the use of a lightweight foundation.
5. There is no need to install air conditioners in houses made of timber, since optimal humidity is always maintained.
6. Fire resistance. The walls of the house are treated with a special fire-fighting solution.
7. Energy of nature. The tree always gives strength if you touch it. The home will nourish your vitality and give strength.
8. Durability.
9. Environmental friendliness.
10. Fast erection.


Are you ready to order the construction of a wooden house from a bar? Then, you should know that we develop projects of wooden houses from a bar for our clients completely free of charge. We can also offer already completed projects, or bring your project to life. Separately, I would like to note that we are building only from ecologically clean Transcarpathian timber. In our arsenal there are rounded, wild, profiled timber, of all sizes and any diameter.


The company "Derevobud" is your reliable partner in the construction of wooden houses!  

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