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Chapels and churches

Development and ready-made projects of temples and churches made of wood.

The Church is not only a symbol of the Christian faith. This is the place where an important ceremony is performed - joint prayer. The Bible says that Christ is the Head of the church, and she is His body. Coming to church, we become closer to Him. In a village or in a city, the church plays an important spiritual significance everywhere, and every detail is important during its construction. You should not trust the development of the project of a wooden church, a temple to firms that do not have experience. After all, a lot of nuances must be taken into account. And only experience helps to implement them correctly. Over the years of work in this area, our experience has become certain points that we always discuss with the customer before starting the development of the project. And also we always advise you to pay attention to such details in the project:
1.The size of the temple.
3. A place for the choir.
4.Number of windows.

Until recently, wooden churches were not as popular as brick ones. However, due to its obvious advantages, more and more villages and cities want to have a wooden church.

Quality construction of wooden temples, churches and chapels.

The question of the high-quality construction of the temple arises. After all, this structure should serve not just for decades, but also for centuries. And for this to be so, you need to use high-quality wood. Our raw materials undergo a detailed study of parasites, and are covered with special fire-fighting and heat-insulating mixtures. Due to the low weight of the timber, you can use a "light" foundation, and this is a significant cost savings. Additional pleasant bonuses will be significantly lower heating costs, because the tree itself retains heat well, and inside it will be enough to place only icons and an altar. If the congregation is hesitant about which church to build, call us. We will arrange a meeting, discuss the details, and I think you will still opt for a wooden church. In addition, a wooden chapel will look good as a complementary element to the temple. We also have many completed projects of this type of facilities.