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Wooden houses

Turnkey construction of houses.

Having made a decision about the need to build a house, many important questions arise before you. Even if you have never encountered construction, in general you have the realization that this is a very difficult and costly process. But not everything is so scary. There will always be specialists who will help you quickly, efficiently and relatively inexpensively make your dream come true - to have your own home. The company "Derevobud" is exactly the team that offers a full range of services in the field of construction, that is, we work on a turnkey basis. This term has not received its specific definition, but it is very often used by builders. We, in turn, believe that it should include, when erecting a wooden frame, the following stages:
 1. construction of a wooden box;
 2. installation of the roof;
 3. installation of windows and doors;
 4. home decoration.
Of course, the number of stages can vary depending on your order. However, you will definitely get a quality wood frame ready to use.

The construction of private houses is the main direction of the "Derevobud" company.

Only by completely trusting one company can you get a high-quality end result, and most importantly, quickly. Probably, you have come across in your life that when certain tasks are performed by different companies, in the end, they may have certain inconsistencies. Since the house is an integral system, and must function without failures, it would be best for one professional team to work on the construction of the house. Of course, this is a big responsibility, but we have been implementing the most extraordinary whims of our clients for more than one year. We know all the subtleties of "wood material", how to work with it, and what is needed for it to serve its owner faithfully. Plus, we love what we do, so building houses is our main line of work. We will be glad to become a reliable partner in the construction of your dreams.